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Paula Reynolds 2021

My name is Paula Reynolds and I have been where you are now.

I understand how much courage it takes to make a personal counselling appointment, and how much trust is needed to tell your story to another person. I feel compassion for you in your journey, and I honour your strength and courage as you reach out for help.

I’m here to listen without judgment and to help you find deeper meaning and purpose in all the confusion, hurt, and distress. I will be here for you, and I will support you through the process of creating quality in your life. We will work together to find a clear path forward, a path that works for you. There is hope!

I work with teens and adult individuals on issues/concerns such as:

Seniors Counselling

I’m devoted to helping seniors as they transition through life, often challenged by specific issues, including anxiety or depression, isolation and loneliness, loss/grief, feelings of invisibility, concerns around illness, regret about the past, and fears for the future.

Caregiver Support

I’m passionate about working with caregivers of all kinds. Caregiver burnout is common, and I can help these clients make sense of their lives and find a bit of perspective and breathing room.

Film & TV Employees

I have personally experienced the symptoms of stress and burnout that are common for those working in the demanding film and television production industry. I draw upon these past experiences to help each client find a way to cope and thrive.